Hotel Internship & Language Program
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Hotel Internship & Chinese Language Combo Program


This Program was meticulously made for those international students or young graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in a hotel industry. By combining a hotel industry with a Chinese language course, this program aims to offer an opportunity for you to learn how a China-based upscale (e.g.4-5*) hotel is being run and operated, while building some hands-on work experience and improving your Chinese skill. The interns will usually be placed at the Front Office, Food & Beverage Department, or Marketing & Sales Department. The on-the-job training will be provided. As for the location, mainly it will be based in Shanghai. Other cities such as Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc. could also be possible.



The university students or young graduates with Tourism or Hotel Management majors are welcome to apply. Those who are interested in the hotel industry are also welcome. The commitment for this program is at least 6 months. In addition, speaking a fluent English language is compulsory. It is also a must to apply to our service formalities & procedures. Moreover, before coming to China, you should buy or have an appropriate insurance package which covers your stay in China. Last but not least, during the internship period, the laws, decrees, and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government shall be strictly observed. The internship hotel's Rules and regulations should also be respected and adhered to.




Internship Length (Months)

Internship Length (In Months) / Placement Fee (In USD $)

6 months

12 Months

Placement Fees (USD)

$ 4880

$ 6880


The inclusive services include hotel Internship placement search & arrangement, a Chinese Language Course, Student Visa sponsorship, Accommodation and Monthly Allowance for Living. The following value-added services will also be provided for free upon request in advance.

1.  Airport pickup: we will arrange someone to meet you at the airport and accompany you from there to your

     residing place;
2.  Accompanying your first visit and report to the internship hotel;
3.  Internship certificate of completion or reference letter;
4.  Emergency support. 



STEP 1. Fill out the Application Form and email it with your updated Resume and Cover Letter in the format of MS Word to


STEP 2. We will take your application and evaluate your eligibility.


STEP 3. Pay the deposit USD500 to get your internship search & arrangement process officially started. This process may take 2-6 weeks. Given the time needed to process the visa, we would suggest you to set aside at least 2-3 months for the whole process. An interview with an interested prospective hotel will be arranged and conducted. If in case we fail to place you and you are not willing to wait any longer, we will refund you USD300. The remaining service fee ought to be paid after your internship has been arranged successfully.


STEP 4. Deal with your visa, book your flight and prepare your departure.


STEP 5. Fly to China and kick-off your internship.




Given the fact that different people have different living styles and spending habits, it is very difficult to say how much exactly it is going to cost to live in China. For your reference only, let’s take living in Shanghai city as an example.


(1).  Transport
       It is very easy and convenient to get around Shanghai city by the public transport system. It costs 2 Yuan

       (about $0.35 USD) to take a bus for a single trip. For subway, it varies from 3 Yuan (about $0.50 USD) to

       9 Yuan (about $1.5 USD) per single trip depending on how far you travel. The stops will be announced in

       both Chinese and English for the subway and mostly bus as well.


(2).  Meals
       It costs about 15-30 Yuan (about $2.5-5 USD) to have an ordinary meal set.


(3).  Entertainment or social events
       It varies from bar to bar, club to club. Generally, many clubs ask for an entry admission say 100 Yuan

       (about $17 USD). For a small bottle of beer could cost about 40-50 Yuan (about $7 USD).


(4).  Travel
       If you travel from Shanghai to Nanjing, a capital city of Jiangsu province, you can take an inter-city

       express train which costs 140 Yuan (about $24 USD) for 1.5-2 hours. If you travel to Beijing by the

       express train, it takes about 5-6 hours and costs 560 Yuan (about $95 USD). If you take a plane, it takes

       about 2.5 hours and costs about 1200 Yuan (about $200 USD).



Feel free to email or call +86-21-51012568 or Skype FindTalents01 to inquire our services.


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